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NOROO Paint & Coatings will make the world more beautiful with the
best service ever.
For years, the brand name, NOROO, has led the way in paint production
in Korea. Recently, however, NOROO Paint & Coatings Co., Ltd became
independent in 2006 as a major subsidiary of DPI Holdings Co. Ltd.
With DPI Holdings taking over the responsibility of managing corporate
investments, NOROO Paint & Coating is now free to step-up its business
structure and production to higher levels, offering more highly-developed products.
NOROO Paint & Coatings produces approximately 30,000 various products ranging
from architectural coatings, industrial coatings, heavy-duty protecting coatings, PCMs, automotive refinishes
and resins for car manufacturing.

The architectural coatings are produced in a range of colors and functions that fit modern construction methods
and trends. The coatings with heavy anti-corrosion properties improve the durability of bridges, plants, and
major structures. Industrial paints used for construction materials, steel, electronics and electrical parts, and
car and ship repairing are among our most advanced.

NOROO’s brands of auto-refinishes consist of HIQ- binder system, Bodyian -intermix system and
AUTUSS- premium refinishes for Japanese cars. The product line-up is clear, primer, primer surfacer,
and color coats. These products have been supplied to the local and global markets since
NOROO started auto-refinishes business in 1985.

We apply the most advanced digital technology to create all NOROO paint & coatings, and the
colors are stored in a data base. Furthermore, digital technology enables us to provide customers
with highly-functional and environmentally-friendly paint and coatings products. In fact,
we have improved the quality of entire manufacturing process from testing, to input and mixing
and finally, to processing and packaging. A continued effort will be made to become a major
Asian paint & coatings producer, leading the world paint industry through the development of
new future world markets.

2008.05 Launched a joint venture with Futian Co., Ltd (China)
Strategic partnership with ISAMU Co., Ltd (Japan)
2008.04 Established new factory facilities in Poseung
2007.11 Certified as an excellent company for national quality competition 5 years in a row
2006.06 Industrial division under the holding company system/
Holding company (DPI Holdings), business company (NOROO Paint & Coatings)
2005.11 Awarded Presidential Prize, Technician Prize at the 35th Precision Technology Promotion Contest
2005.09 Awarded Industrial Honored Silver Medal
2004.07 Selected as one of the top 50 enterprises for national quality competition 3 years in a row
2003.07 Acquired ISO/TS 16949 Certification
2001.10 Selected as an excellent company with new labor and management cultures
2000.11 Changed the company name to DPI Co., Ltd
1997.09 Awarded with Presidential Prize on Statistics Day
1995.04 Achieved ISO 9001 Certification
1968.07 Achieved the KS mark approval for the first time in the painting industry
1957.08 Registered the trademark as NOROO
1945.12 Started DAIHAN Offset Ink business/ Supplied printing ink to Chosun Book Co., Ltd.
Published Korea paper money printed with Daehan offset ink